Questioning the Past

These questions are specifically designed to get you thinking about Park Hill and its history. Either write down your answers, or just think them over in your head!

To find out the answers, you’ll have to do some research. This can be done through our videos and online educational resources, and/or through undertaking your own research and coming up with your own answers.

  1. Park Hill has been a contentious site for decades. Why do you think this is, and how have attitudes changed over the years? 
  1. Park Hill will become home to students in 2020. In what ways will this change Park Hill?
  1. How have the original features of Park Hill’s architecture been maintained? 
  1. How did the politics of the Thatcher era impact upon Park Hill? 
  1. How do you think the ‘Streets in the Sky’ walkways would have impacted upon social life at Park Hill? 
  1. Park Hill became a listed building in 1998. How did this change its prospects?
  1. How have gender roles changed since the 1960s? 
  1. How are the changes seen in Park Hill over the last 60 years related to the changes in Sheffield?
  1. The architecture of Park Hill was strongly influenced by Le Corbusier. How can you see his influence in both the social and built aspects of Park Hill?

10. The Smithsons also greatly influenced Park Hill. How can this be seen in the architecture?

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